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From sustainable fashion to fashion for sustainability

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Sustainable fashion

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GPM Innovation is committed to the diffusion of a paradigm shift, from a vision of sustainable fashion seen as an objective to an approach in which products, systems, processes and actions of the fashion world in all its components become valid and effective tools that contribute to the improvement of the environmental conditions of the planet. Green fashion and sustainable processes are interpreted by us as effective tools able to contribute in a concrete, active and significant way to sustainability and to the fight against pollution and indiscriminate use of resources.

Material recovery

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Our approach is aimed at harmonizing the processes of the fashion supply chain in a vision that realizes the role of recovery of materials, fabrics and fibers to integrate the supply chains, minimizes the environmental impact of industrial and craft processes, enhances the use of natural substances both in terms of pigments, dyes and products for finishing and maintenance of garments and accessories.

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Natural Dyes


The in-depth study of natural dyes, extracted from dyeing botanical species, integrated with the most innovative production and extraction solutions, lead to the enhancement of the uniqueness of the garments and the evolution of their characteristics over time. These aspects are no longer limiting, but give added value in terms of dynamic time evolution and awareness and perception of the personal contribution of those who choose and use them, underlining and affirming in a concrete way, their attitude to environmental respect and their commitment to a global perspective.

Let's re-imagine Fashion


GPM Innovation elaborates and implements services, tools and processes that re-imagine fashion by building a new model of collaboration, in which sustainability is not just a goal, but conscious choices, paths, opportunities and strategies for the evolution of the behaviors of companies and citizens who want to actively participate in the change, through the challenge of sustainable fashion, for the improvement of human well-being and the environment.

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