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Pigments & Extracts

Design of integrated cycles of cultivation and of extraction and preparation processes

Design & implementation of

Extraction Processes & Preparations


GPM Innovation is engaged in the design and implementation of integrated cycles of cultivation of botanical species, extraction and preparation processes for nutraceuticals, cosmetic pharmaceuticals and phytotherapy, for the production of intermediates and products. Extraction and preparation from different plant species including microalgae and dyeing plants, of pigments and dyes for green industrial applications that contribute to the circularity and sustainability of processes. In the field of dyeing, the products and process solutions are the result of the combination of decades of experience in the production of pigments and natural dyes from dyeing plants and the dyeing of fibers and fabrics and the most innovative cultivation protocols and research of innovative industrial processes.

Low environmental impact cultivation techniques

Extraction of natural dyes

From consulting with highly professional experts and technicians to the design and development of process and product innovations, conception, control and optimization, as well as engineering for the application of new green industrial processes. In GPM Innovation thanks to support and the skills of our partners we manage integrated cultivation processes of different tree species with low environmental impact techniques and with mixed cultivation solutions, vertical and classic aeroponics on the ground, associated with mixed extraction processes of the dye that guarantee its sustainability environmental, as well as applicability in the sustainable fashion supply chain.

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Coloranti Naturali

Indigo Blue from Persicarica Tinctoria

The choice to use this botanist was dictated not only by its long history in the dyeing field, but above all by the possibility of being able to cultivate Persicaria not only in the open field but also in vertical farms, the vertical greenhouses, which guarantee an excellent result in terms of yield and speed of cultivation.

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Natural dyes

Natural red from Rubia tinctorum

The choice to use this botanist was dictated not only by its long history in the dyeing field, but also by the surprising rapidity of growth inside the vertical farm, which allows us to harvest the root after only 3 months from planting unlike the 3 years in the field.

Natural dyes

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Natural Yellow from Reseda luteola L.

The choice to use this botanical was dictated by its long history in the dyeing field and by the high concentration of the active ingredient responsible for the color: luteolin.

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Natural dyes

Natural Yellow from Tagetes erecta L.

The choice to use this botanist was dictated by its long history in the dyeing field, by the possibility of its vertical cultivation and by the many applications, from nutraceuticals to textiles.


Phycocyanin extraction process

High purity phycocyanin for food, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical applications from spirulina grown in Italy with the most innovative technologies and according to the most careful biological protocols

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